Hi, I’m Taylor

I’m an easy-going lady with a pretty good sense of humor and a seriously bad addiction to dad-jokes.

My background as a UI/UX designer and full-stack developer give me a distinct advantage when working with Development teams, and my tenure in marketing gives me an edge when working with other marketers. That means I’m a powerhouse communicator able to not only conceive of a new idea, but to integrate with existing teams and see it through to the end.

As a fractional CMO I work directly with business owners and the C-suite to implement and execute marketing initiatives. But my job isn’t just to increase profits.

I love to fully integrate with client teams so we can work together to solve problems and reach higher goals. And when I do, I provide guidance and support to help in-house marketers reach their full potential.

I’m the big giant head over at Desens Digital, and run Klaxon Themes when I get a spare minute. You can also find me leading the Women In WordPress group on Facebook.

When I’m not marketing I’m at home with the fam, playing video games, gardening, or generating AI artwork thats weird and whimsical.

Meet me on LinkedIn for my occasional insights or join me on Instagram for some wacky AI fun, and please say hello.