Grow your business faster
with an on-demand
marketing executive

Marketing overwhelm is real

If you struggle with marketing your business and reaching your target audience, you’re not alone. Many mid-size business owners are overwhelmed.

Even if you have a marketing team, you probably still have to manage their time and tasks. Understanding how to reach a target audience, improve your SEO, and what metrics can prove your team is making the right decisions can wear you down and leave you with less time to run your business!

I’m Taylor Desens, a Fractional CMO + Marketing Advisor.

I work with existing teams to develop actionable strategies, close gaps, and leverage talent to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. I can help your business achieve more marketing goals by:

  • Implementing and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy
  • Building and improving your sales funnel
  • Optimizing conversion rates
  • Integrating or improving existing CRMs
  • Setting up and maintaining PPC ads
  • Developing and managing email campaigns
  • Coaching and hiring the in-house marketing team
Working with a fractional CMO is an investment you can afford! 

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An investment
you can afford

Hiring a full-time CMO isn’t always an option.

For less than $60k per year you get access to an experienced marketing professional, plus you can scale services up or down based on your business needs.

Working with a fractional CMO means getting the expertise you need when you need it most!

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when you need it

I only work with a few clients at a time, so I’m flexible and available when you need a hand. You’ll get access to a marketing leader who knows how to implement strategies for rapid and sustainable growth that work even when the team isn’t around.

Working with a fractional CMO guarantees a self-managed leadership team.

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I’m self-managed, so I join the team fully equipped with the tools and skills needed to hit the ground running with minimal onboarding. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business, knowing that your marketing efforts and marketing department are in capable hands.

Create a solution that works

Bringing peace to your week starts with a 20-minute consultation. We’ll discuss your business goals and current marketing needs during the introduction call. If we agree it would be a good fit, I’ll recommend a plan that aligns with your current business objectives and fits your budget.

Your plan will include a flexible engagement package that can start within 60 days, has no minimum term limit, and can be canceled at any time, so you can scale services up or down based on your needs.

Each package includes:

  1. An audit of the current state of the marketing department and efforts,
  2. An outline to meet objectives and fill in the current marketing gaps,
  3. A plan to establish digital marketing KPIs and reporting, and to define positioning.

Long-term engagements will include plans for implementation, training, and more as needed.

Comprehensive leadership support

Hiring a Fractional CMO is an investment you can afford. I offer flexible engagement packages with no minimum term limit. You can cancel at any time.

Strategy in a Day

Starting at $4,000 + travel

Engage in a full day of strategy sessions to focus on your marketing goals and growth strategy. At the end of the session, you’ll have a complete strategic marketing plan with 6 months of initiatives and a scorecard tailored to your business.

CMO Advisory

Starting at $2,500/mo

Leverage the knowledge of a fractional CMO to train, advise, and lead your existing marketing team as needed to improve strategic efforts, hone marketing skills, and increase revenue to meet your business goals.

CMO Engagement

Starting at $6,000/mo

Work with an engaged, self-managed CMO for 10 hours each week. I’ll provide audits, develop and manage comprehensive marketing strategies, establish reporting and KPIs, and more.

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Owner, Shallcross Marketing